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You can image a Mac hard drive with the help of a free third party utility called Carbon Copy Clone... read full article  ...
22. Sophos Anti-Virus Step by Step
(Ethan/Shared Items)
SUMMARYSophos is now offering it’s Anti-Virus software free for non-commercial use. Downloadin... read full article  ...
Just found this amazing resource, it’s a huge font (yes, it’s a font) with 150 css icons... read full article
As of today camera on mobile phones are so popular that you can’t even find a mobile without a camer... read full article
Many of my friends, when it's time for an upgrade, ask me "What smartphone should I get?" My typical... read full article
The Amazon Kindle Fire was released 11 weeks ago, but sales have continued to remain strong. Early e... read full article
If you are a typical freelancer, your office may range from your home to your car to the local... read full article  ...
GameStop recently began carrying several Android Honeycomb tablets pre-loaded with seven free games... read full article  ...
29. Kill Switch
(Ethan/Shared Items)
... dinosauric industry concerned solely with the preservation of its own profits. It will do nothing to curb piracy while at the same time eroding fundamental freedoms of the internet. The only people who ...
... one built into Windows? Simply start typing the word “snipping”  in the Windows search to find the snipping tool. With it, you can take 4 kinds of screenshots – full-screen, window, rectangular or free-form. ...
31. Now is the Time
(Ethan/Shared Items)
... different times of the year. For example… right now I’m seeing a bunch of youth pastors ordering my Connect book in bulk for each of their leaders (especially since I provide a free ppt and a free training ...
... adults. Each book is linked to a list of activities that could be done either while reading the book or after reading the book. The books themselves are not free (you can buy them online or find them locally) ...
... because Best Buy is throwing in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for free. That’s a $500 savings anyway you slice it, albeit one less appreciated if you weren’t jonesing for the tablet to begin with. The deal ...
Intuit, a software company that develops financial and tax preparation software that’s used by small businesses, accountants and freelancers alike, has today announced the QuickBooks Mobile app for Android. ...
35. 15 Shopping Rules of Thumb
(Ethan/Shared Items)
... for components, not cables. Buy the best components, and the cheapest cables. Pay for speed, not channels. For cable internet, with enough speed you can watch TV channels on the internet for free. Pay ...
Most people in the western world have access to flatrate Internet connections, cheap data plans for mobile devices, and free WiFi hotspots at almost every corner, allowing them to be online wherever they ...
... They couldn’t have discontinued the device this fast, of course. TmoNews is hearing that it may be due to the device’s quality issues. In particular, users have been experiencing random reboots and freezes, ...
38. Why and How I Self-Published a Book
(Ethan/Shared Items)
I just self-published a book. “How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive”.  I published it in paperback form, kindle form, and free PDF (see directions below to get free PDF). The entire process took me three ...
... A wonderful resource for anyone feeling update fatigue is Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector, a free tool that periodically scans for and alerts users to outdated security software. The latest version ...
The state of Texas is encouraging its residents to ditch their old appliances and take advantage of its ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday program read full article

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