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Ethan and Krista's Personal Website

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... and really done something worthwhile with it. A great little app that’s well worth a shot. Market: Astrid Task/Todo List Price: Free Requires: Current version needs Android 1.6 + (but older versions of ...
... model Google was built on, but that is because local businesses need more hand-holding when it comes to online marketing. As Greg Sterling pointed out when the campaign kicked off in mid-December: What ...
... like TC40 company Companies should have their data and potential monetization paths organized prior to funding events occurring. To be clear, these do not need to be implemented on day one; however ...
... for the slightly more advanced blogger. Download the PDF here. Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization If your focus is to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, and need an introductory explanation, ...
... software giants behind those software suites like to give them to you without charge.  It’s a simple matter of  investing in the future. If you’re a student, read on to find out just what you need to do ...
... the task named ‘My Task’: SchTasks /Delete /TN “My Task” Note: this will raise a warning which you will need to confirm. Bulk Creation Like any other command line tool, you can include multiple ...
... basics, along with some hot tips from the minds and sciences on the bleeding edge, will give you the sharper dueling blade you need to pull ahead of your competition (but no beheading please). To get ...
48. Does Better Judgment Come With Age?
(Ethan/Shared Items)
...  Entitled Youth Has Outlived Its Usefulness, it was about good judgment, and who has it. The premise of the piece, ever so gently chiding our current President, was that our nation is in bad need of wise ...
... complicated process. Frozen yogurt to the rescue! To install an app to the SD card on Android Froyo, the application itself needs to support it. In my experience though, most current apps can be moved ...

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This site was created to combine all of our personal sites into one. This will allow our friends and family to access all of our websites in one location with one login. You can also use your gmail credentials to login!

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Ethan & Krista Bell
10592-A Fuqua #218
Houston, TX 77089
Ph: (281) 898-1219
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