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Ethan and Krista's Personal Website

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Most people associate malvertising with malware and the Windows platform. Indeed, the vast majority ... See the complete post at Allied Internet Services News Aggregator - New...  ...
If you are a Twitter user, you’ve no doubt encountered the scenario where you are following somebod... read full article
3. How to Run a Poll on Google Plus
(Ethan/Shared Items)
Facebook offers a useful “questions” feature that allows you to conduct polls and people... read full article  ...
Some people complained that Gmail doesn't automatically archive "social updates". It's a new categor... read full article  ...
Have you ever wanted to broadcast a live stream of your iPhone or iPad screen to a group of people?... read full article  ...
Many people noticed the Google search interface experiment I've mentioned back in June. Google tests... read full article  ...
Mountain Lion is out! You can upgrade a Mac right out of the App Store, but some people prefer to m... read full article  ...
Many people take their iPhone protection very seriously. With cases like OtterBox and Griffin’... read full article  ...
Two people of equal skill work in the same office. For the sake of comparison, let's say both... read full article  ...
One of the most perplexing features of these troubled times is that so many capable people in... read full article  ...
11. Kill Switch
(Ethan/Shared Items)
... dinosauric industry concerned solely with the preservation of its own profits. It will do nothing to curb piracy while at the same time eroding fundamental freedoms of the internet. The only people who ...
... to create a smaller opening to the stomach or loosened, allowing people to eat unconstricted. Some patients choose to loosen their Lap-Bands when they want to enjoy unrestricted eating, like during vacations ...
13. 15 Shopping Rules of Thumb
(Ethan/Shared Items)
...  Pay for hardware, not software. Most of the applications that people need for their home computer have quality free versions online. Need Office? Use OpenOffice or Google Docs. Image editing? FotoFlexer ...
14. Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse
(Ethan/Shared Items)
... an incentive for salespeople to sell bigger and bigger deals, some of which might not be suitable for a small business. Because of all the hype around Groupon, salespeople are able to use the “Who’s Who” ...
Most people in the western world have access to flatrate Internet connections, cheap data plans for mobile devices, and free WiFi hotspots at almost every corner, allowing them to be online wherever they ...
... and they can sign up directly for any available appointment slot. When they sign up, Google Calendar conveniently creates a new shared event on both of your calendars. At Google, many people are already ...
17. Look Carefully at the Web Address
(Ethan/Shared Items)
... attacks I've ever seen.Nobody will ever fall for that.Except they will.You see, people aren't reading e-mail on their computers any more. They are reading it on their phones. So they'll receive the phishing ...
... the best ways to invest in the people who work for us and with us is to give them an opportunity to attain their fullest stature. This is what sets leaders apart from managers. read ...
19. Why and How I Self-Published a Book
(Ethan/Shared Items)
... recently with a major publisher. I completely open every kimono (and its pretty hideous inside that kimono). They are all hard working people and have done good jobs but it’s just not worth it to me to ...
... — whether it be clicking an email link or attachment, or installing a custom browser plugin or application. Typically, these attacks take the form of scareware pop-ups that try to frighten people into ...
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About Our Site

This site was created to combine all of our personal sites into one. This will allow our friends and family to access all of our websites in one location with one login. You can also use your gmail credentials to login!

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