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Three Types of Friends Everybody Should Have: Mentor, Peer, and Protegé

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Every writer, blogger, designer, developer, singer, actor, at some point started out confused in their chosen career. Not knowing where to go, what to do, and how to react to the things that happen. Look at where you are now: successful, or still working to become successful, but surely you owe what you are now to someone who went out of their way to teach you the basics and guide you whenever you needed a little bit of help.

As a break from the usual articles that give tips, resources, tutorials, and whatnot, why don’t we spend some time together and think of the three types of friends that helped (and are still helping) us through our chosen careers? I am certain that all of us have these people, at least two of them for now. So, are you ready?



Everybody should have a mentor in life, not only in your trade. Someone who will share their wisdom when times are hard, someone who will teach you patience and things that you can never hope to understand alone. A mentor is someone who inspires you, someone whom you can hang out with anytime you need him/her. This can be your father, mother, godfather, boss, senior, you get the idea. Having a mentor is the best way to have your actions and thoughts kept in check.

Doing business online with people requires skills, and beginners need someone who will serve as a guide. The person whom I consider my mentor told me to pursue the things that makes me happy, as a result I’ve gained some pounds because I sit in front of my computer all day, typing and reading.

Everybody has one, it may be your middle school teacher, your college professor, or someone you met online. At one point in time you will certainly feel down, maybe because of a client who rejected all of the designs you presented, an article you submitted to a website got sent to the trash, the website you developed crashed, or even as simple as a hater’s comment on your blog post. This is when you need someone to turn to for advice, someone who has been there and survived the crash. Believe me, this is very important. As for me, I am not a great writer but I love writing. One time I was told that my writing is terrible, that I had no future in writing. Writing being one of the few things I genuinely love to do, the comment crushed my heart and I almost stopped. Good thing is I have someone who told me to “stop for a while and don’t start breaking the plates.”



Someone you consider your equal and who treats you as theirs. A fellow novice or master in your chosen craft. This is why forums and other support groups exist,so people that are on the same wavelength talk about the things they can’t tell others because, probably, others won’t understand. Having a friend who you consider to be of equal caliber is a great thing. You can spend all day talking about the last client you had, rant about the things that irk you, or even insult each other. This is actually healthy, because having a friend who is close to your age and skill (or slightly above you) is what will keep you evolving. Is it not obvious why self-obsessed people rarely make it to the top? It’s because they do not consider anyone to be above or equal to them, making things a little static.

I am a beginner when it comes to blogging, and I look up to my pals here at 1stwebdesigner. Most of the time, when I’m not procrastinating, I’m doing my best to learn from them and competing with them in a healthy way. That’s what keeps me going, someone whom I can run side by side with and talk about work and casual things. It’s not that hard, talking about private life too, since we’re almost of the same age. That is something you can’t remove in any age group, most people will always feel at ease when someone they work with is of the same age.

I’m pretty sure that everyone has friends either known personally or in the internet.



Nothing beats having a younger friend to teach the important things in life and career to, someone you can guide along the path he/she really wants to take. Because you have been there once, you can easily guide someone who is about to follow a similar path. Plus young people have lots of wild ideas that may help you.

I am still far from this, but I am hoping that when the time comes I’ll take someone and teach him/her everything I know, be a mentor to a kid who’s just setting out.

For established writers, designers, developers, and others, I’m hoping that you have one or two beginners that you are teaching. Although I’m still far from being a mentor, I am sure that I will want to leave something behind with someone.

You’ve been there, you know what to do, make it easy (or hard) for them to do it. It is true that future generations are, most of the time, better than the previous. This is because the previous generation has taught things, things that should have been done and the should nots. Like leaving behind a living testament to what you were. It may seem grim to think that someday you’ll be gone, but isn’t it heartwarming to think that you’ve helped someone achieve their dreams even if you’ve already retired? But I’m not saying that you should take someone under your wing when you’ve retired already, you can start now, actually. So, who’d want to take me? I don’t bite.

For some this may be obvious, to others it might not, but you wouldn’t be where you are now if no one helped you somewhere along the way.

So, what is your story?

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