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QuickBooks Mobile app now available in the Android Market

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Intuit, a software company that develops financial and tax preparation software that’s used by small businesses, accountants and freelancers alike, has today announced the QuickBooks Mobile app for Android. This is great news for those business owners out there who use QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Online to manage their invoicing and accounting.

Finally, owners will have the access to their data from their Android 2.1 or higher phone. Features include: access to customer and sales info, as well as customer balances, the ability to create estimates on the fly and on-site invoicing. You can manage sales by creating and viewing estimates and invoices, convert estimates to invoices and lastly, email those same estimates and invoices. All these features are secured and properly backed up. Information added to QuickBooks Mobile is automatically synced with QuickBooks when the service is launched on a PC or Mac.

Adding an Android app is an important move on the part of Intuit. I wonder if the business software giant in the future will add credit card swiping from its Intuit card reader to support its QuickBooks app. That would be a natural way to integrate if you ever have a client or customer who owes money and is available to pay instantly. Just think, Intuit could make their app a one big do it all on your phone experience for those business owners who stay on the move.

The app is currently available in the Android Market for free to all QuickBooks online subscribers and is available to QuickBooks Pro and Premier customers through a subscription.

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